Connecting to the
Dimensional Fields of the Mind

Once you have completed all the Earth connection courses you will have the greatest ability to be deeply connected to the Earth in such a way, aware of the law of one principles and begin to feel them so deeply, that you can feel relaxed and safe enough to now turning into the dimensional fields of the mind, to master the mind itself and create an authentic deeper connection to yourself as source.

Connect to Source

This is why all of these courses have been channeled and are offered here on this website. Everything that I do is in the zero point or heart space. This means that no matter when you listen and each time you listen they are in the present moment and our new. You do not have to listen to these only one time, in fact the more that you engage with these activations the deeper and more expanded your conscious awareness will become.

This program empowers you to master your thoughts and create an authentic, profound connection with yourself as a source of wisdom and light, all from the heart space.

Once you have brought your consciousness deeply rooted and connected into Sophia Gaia, there will be a much more relaxed safe comfortable space created for you to now dive deep within the mind complex to unravel the energies and frequencies playing out from other dimensional fields of existence and other aspects of self, to truly develop your deeper richer relationship with prime creator and open to the universal mind or all knowing.

 Because of the energies that have been here for a very long time playing out the false matrix through the mind it is important to establish your rooted deep connection with mother Earth before you can truly release all of the dialoguing game and energetic frequencies of the mind.

Source Connection

Dimensional fields are like frequency zones containing aspects of our past selves. In our human journey, encountering these aspects in the form of people or situations presents opportunities to reconnect with divine truths and embody our unique life plan.

Dimensional fields are basically frequency ranges that carry elements of divine truth. Each field can carry an aspect of self that has once lived so to speak within that frequency range. As we go through the human experience, part of the grand design and our individual plan or design for our experience is to encounter aspects of self along our human journey that reside so to speak within these different dimensional fields of existence. 

These aspects may come in the form of another person, an emotional situation or a quality of life, showing up in your current reality. Each time these aspects show up it is an opportunity to reconnect to that particular dimensional frequency to regain the divine plan or your own personal plan of embodying the law of one or heaven on earth.

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At this point in human consciousness, the thinning of the veils has allowed greater access to the richness of the divine plan and information available from these dimensional fields that may be connected directly to your own personal divine template of existence here in this Earth incarnation. 

This is why this series has been birthed to access these dimensional fields wisdom for you to have the opportunity to feel what authentic feelings or frequencies feel like in your current earth experience. This will truly give you access in remembering the law of one, how to be your individuality without separation. As the separation is only an illusion given by false feelings through the mind. Enjoy opening to your authentic truth and authentic experience of heaven on earth. 

Through this series we will begin to explore the frequencies of our thoughts. We will dive deeply into the dimensional fields via the mind matrix.

Each dimensional field carries a frequency associated with that field, this frequency in the human experience is in essence a range of thoughts and beliefs which in turn create behaviors. 

An example of this is, if your thoughts are coming from a 1st or 2nd-dimensional field, this is where life begins as physical, the density associated with this field is primal, simply, life occurring, no real emotions like love, care, support etc. If a persons thoughts are operating from a 1st or 2nd-dimensional field, there will be no real connection to emotions, the energy will be flat, cold, however not necessarily doing any harm as it's only a 1st or 2nd-dimensional field so not much direct thought or energy associated with creation in this dimensional field. 

Because we are multidimensional and we have had many different lifetimes, we have energy signatures associated with these dimensional fields. Even when we have brought back soul fragmentations, the energetic imprint from that field may still be accessed via the mind matrix, allowing this to continue to be playing out in your current life experience. This is especially true when there are energies on the planet desiring for you to stay in those lower dimensional energies or frequencies. 

Through this first series we will dive into aspects of self in these dimensional fields via the mind matrix at zero point. This will unlock the physical brains ability to access the universal mind or all knowing. This will allow you a greater access to who you are and why you are here as well as who you have been and why your current life exist as it does. 

Each dimensional field or density has representation of life experiences or frequencies that can be playing out in your current life expression. This playing out so to speak can carry a negative or positive charge. Through the false matrix, there have been energies which continually drive your frequency via these dimensional fields, toward a negative charge. This playing out in your current reality causes disruptions in your physical, mental and spiritual awareness. 

To dive deep within the mind matrix’s influence on the dimensional fields frequency influence, allows you to bring present moment awareness or zero point, pure source essence to these dimensional fields connection with your physical mind. What this will do is release the negative energy signature attachment from your current life, which will in turn restore your essence within that particular dimensional field to that of prime creator or pure source essence. This will restore the blueprint of your essence to that of pure experience in this present life. This means you will be free from the unconscious control that the mind matrix has been playing out via other dimensional fields.

Traveling through the dimensional fields Via the mind matrix at Zero point

A 9-Series Collection

Course 1: Traveling Dimensional Fields via Mind Matrix - Knowing Authentic Power

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Unlock the highest frequencies of your soul's blueprint

Delve into self-awareness, unlocking the highest frequencies of your soul's blueprint. Each session offers a personalized experience, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of your purpose and existence. 

Each week, we will be deeply reconnecting with the elements as a creator being at each dimensional field to remember true alchemy, what we used to know. The creating from these elements and with or in unison with these elements.

Our bodies are these elements. Through the balancing of dimensional fields we will remember to our DNA, ourselves, the alchemy of the dimensional fields use, so to speak, of the elements to create structure. This is how we create. How things like the pyramids were created, also how medical, science, education, business, commerce were originally understood and created within a societal structure. This is how we will move toward truly creating a new earth that functions in harmony and unity.

Your body will begin to authentically move as the rhythm of these elements with Gaia and all there is once again. This is true law of one in motion.

I will take you into a meditative state to enter the dimensional field for that week; as we enter the field, I will be guiding you through aspects of self-awareness to open to the energetic experience that carries the highest frequency awareness for your individual soul's blueprint.

Each week, we will be opening to greater awareness of who you are and why you are here. The experience will be individual to each participant. 

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