These are some spiritual practices that I use daily, they are merely suggestions, they are not specific to anyone. Please use them if  you feel a resonance to them. Remember you are Source consciousness, these are simply for you to own your own energetic space with sovereignty.    Sovereignty means self governed within.  This means I am in charge of my own feelings, no one nor anything can make me feel anyway, I am the master of my own universe. 

 I repeat all my declarations daily

My declaration is to pure prime creator unity consciousness law of one

My declaration is to embody the highest frequency of this pure source consciousness as the law of one and to align with the greatest potential timeline, which I am on, for the highest service to humanity as the greatest embodiment of pure source consciousness law of one with unwavering faith, trust and surrender to the infinite possibilities of the divine zero point without judgment.

My Declaration is to always come from the highest source light and the highest source love in all that I am, say, do and create.

Anytime I watch any type of Netflix or movies ,videos or any electronics and before I go to sleep I always release any and all attachments seen and unseen known and unknown any MK ultra mind control, holographic inserts, consciousness traps , timeline reversal loops and any 5G Sonic frequencies.

I say this regularly especially if I am feeling any kind of uncomfortable energy around me.

I release any and all lower dimensional energy or entities that are not of my highest and best and of my life path.


Close all protals, gateways, pathways, merdians, stargates, wormholes of any syphoning of my energy past, present and future and throughout all time space continuum .