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The information and activations on this website are here to help you access your multi-dimensional self and higher conscious awareness. 

To access our multi-dimensional self and higher conscious awareness, we need to have our consciousness (soul essence) in the heart space or at zero point. 

In order to stay in the heart space in a human form, we need to have a deeply rooted connection to Mother Earth or Gaia. 

The way in which these classes have been organized on this website creates a progression for this process of deeply routing and connecting to Sophia Gaia, Mother Earth. 

As we deeply root into Sophia Gaia we will begin to have a greater awareness as to our frequency, as the physical body and which dimensional field we are vibrating with and as. 

The human journey is one of clearing denser frequencies, recognizing the differences of the dimensional fields of existence, and creating and experiencing from our heart space or the zero point place of no-thing and all possibilities. 

This website and the activations are created for the progression of returning to the zero point with grace and ease.

Deep Connection to Earth

Authentic Self-Expression

Healing and Wholeness

Empowerment and Enlightenment

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Accessing Source Wisdom

Unlocking the Physical Brain's Potential

Zero Point Transformation

Restoring Pure Experience

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Connecting to Gaia, your Multi-Dimensional Self
n Higher Consciousness Awareness


These courses are perfect for beginners embarking on the journey of what it means to be a multi-dimensional being.

This is the foundational space for acquiring fundamental insights and inner standing.

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“On my spiritual journey, there are only a few humans that I have experienced and known that have the level of multidimensional awareness that Cathleena possesses in relationship to frequencies. During group energy work she can zoom in on and discern the most minute frequencies that are playing out within the individuals as well as in the collective of the group. She is masterful at matching the frequencies required to alchemize and integrate deep healing work both in the micro of humanity as well as the macro of Gaia. ​

However, what allows Cathleena to stand out in my heart as a true Master healer of humanity and Ambassador of Gaia is that she shows up authentically everyday holding the mirror up and diving deep into her own shadows, while coming out on the other side embodying more of her true God Self. It’s an honor to be on this Earth journey together as a friend and fellow Light Colleague”. ​ ​

-Brooklin Rayne




 I am here as a guide and mentor for your awakening to the 5th Density reality and beyond. We are way more than we have ever been told. We are amazing creator beings. My intention is to bring information, connection, and love to provide a safe space to step into the most amazing YOU.

Through my personal awareness and discovering my own blueprint, I realized that I carry the knowledge of all frequencies and their communication with each other. 

This means that I am aware of how others communicate with each other and the information that is exchanged on an energetic level.

The energetic exchange is unique to each person.

This uniqueness is known as your personal soul signature, and how you choose to apply that information to humanity and your life is known as your personal blueprint.


What this means is that you naturally are unique, and you do have a unique plan for this lifetime. This plan includes joy, excitement, curiosity, and fun.


My desire is to help you awaken all that you are so that you will not only be of service to humanity but will do it with joy, abundance, and fun so that it is fulfilling, wonderful, and full of love.

We are love. We are light. We are Source.

Kelly Dipucchio


When I found out Cathleena was going to be in my hometown for a lecture, I immediately felt a strong nudge (push, shove!) to book a private session with her. At the time, I didn’t know a lot about Cathleena’s work but I was inexplicably drawn to her. I am so grateful I followed that inner wisdom to connect with her! I can honestly say that I left my session with Cathleena not FEELING like a new person – I WAS a new person. In the days that followed my clearing and reset, I felt surges of euphoria that I have never experienced before. The energy was palpable and electric. I have since come to realize my frequency did, in fact, change and my body was adjusting to the new energy. The feeling was profoundly liberating. I have met with many different practitioners over the years but my session with Cathleena was extraordinary. I’m so happy I purchased a Frequency Adjuster of my own so I can continue to attune and balance my energy moving forward. Thank you, Cathleena for sharing your tremendous love and light with others!

Bar-che Dorje

Buddhist Teacher
at Nyingma Aro gTér

Hello to everybody who has the great fortune to meet Cathleena. I came down from Bhutan with extreme pain in my knees. I went to the doctor when I came back and they took an MRI-scan of my knees. They found a tumor in my knee. they knew the kind of tumor and said it had to be operated as soon as possible. They send the pictures to the hospital and they would contact me. In the mean time I had a session with Cathleena. She guided me in a state where we cut loose the tumor and made it in smaller pieces so it could be integrated by the body. It all felt very good and tingling. A week later the surgeon and his specialist team phoned me and told me that they cold not find the tumor any more. And that an operation was not needed. But… what I liked the most about Cathleena is how she embraces you into her heart energy. You feel so cared for. She easy taps into your energy fields and really connects with you. I felt so connected and cared for and somehow all by doubt melted away. I sincerely hope that many people may benefit from her extra ordinary gift and her warm personality. I feel extremely blessed to know her. Thank you very much dearest Cathleena.

Brittnay Johnson

Distant Energy Session

I must share and post. “We all have the correct crystals, tools, and all that we desire to help us express ourselves into the world.” This is what I thought.

I said this over and over. I recently was called to purchase a Frequency Adjuster, and then a 1-1 session, and all I can say is “total and complete fine-tuning” of the soul and expression. Amazing. Supportive and DIVINE. Amen-mazing

I’m smiling typing this. It’s been a leap, a jump, and supportive. Buy the adjuster and book a session. You won’t regret it.


I'm Cathleena.

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We as human souls have been existing on a planet where there have been many distortions within our carbon DNA structure that have caused us to misalign to frequencies and energies that are not allowing us to have the life we desire and the true, authentic experience of emotions.  

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