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Soul Alchemy
Lightseed Blueprint

Awaken All That You Are

Your energetic exchange is unique to you.

This uniqueness is known as your personal soul signature, and how you choose to apply that information to humanity and your life is known as your personal blueprint.

What this means is that you naturally are unique, and you do have a unique plan for this lifetime. This plan includes joy, excitement, curiosity, and fun.

My desire is to help you awaken all that you are so that you will not only be of service to humanity but will do it with joy, abundance, and fun so that it is fulfilling, wonderful, and full of love.

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Restoring the Original Soul Fragmentation
and Releasing the Imprint  of "Guilt” from the Brain and Body

Series 10 of the Brain and Body Collection

Happening now!

We will step into the brain as frequency, as sound and light, to bring the brain itself into a synergy with all body systems, as divine union of self with self, divine Hieros/Gamos with divine creator or source as consciousness.

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Cathleena’s 15-week course, Embodiment of Universal Consciousness, is unlike any other class I have ever experienced.
This course is a transformative, magical, one-of-a kind journey into expanded states of consciousness, new timelines, and profound inner growth. I felt blessed to be in a community of like-hearted souls who supported me in getting to know myself at the deepest level of my being.
Cathleena is a masterful and loving guide who holds a space of true presence and unconditional acceptance for each participant to step in and fully embody their own unique light. If you long to see beyond the veil, to know yourself as the creator of worlds, and to live authentically as your multidimensional self, then this is the course for you.


Courses On-Demand

Pre-Recorded Classes you can work through at your own pace with Activations in Zero Point, so that no matter when or how often you listen, it will be in the now time and new.

Cathleena's sessions are fun and deeply transformational. She is a Master. Wise and down to earth. If you're looking to discover the truth of who you are, if you're wanting more light in your life, I highly recommend any of her offerings. A fascinating journey into our quantum reality with deep healing on all levels. How could it get any better!

Martine Nash

The Brain and Body Collection

The brain chemistry is malleable, that is, its composition to matter is easily changed.

Through an understanding of how matter is influenced by brain waves or frequencies will allow for the creation of brain waves of your choosing to exist.

We will step into the brain as frequency, as sound and light, to bring the brain itself into
a synergy with all body systems, as divine union of self with self, divine Hieros/Gamos with divine creator or source as consciousness.

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Moving through the Time Matrix at Zero Point (Pure Presence)

5-week, live course journeying through time as a construct, through the mind matrix of the mind itself. The unwinding of frequencies of direct control, the guiding of your thoughts toward nothingness, fear, and anxiety.

This series will move through time,  your memories, as the observer of self, through the mind and disentangle the alignment you have unconsciously done.

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Embodying the Hieros Gamos Collection

Embodying the Hieros/Gamos the divine union of the masculine/Mental - feminine/spiritual energy's and frequency within the physical body is the most profound aspect of embodiment as Source that we strive to attain. Because of the false matrix and false frequencies, there has been a separation of the masculine/mental and feminine/spiritual, that's confusing the human experience with seeking emotional balances from outside or what is seemingly outside, the more material or other energies like humans, to identify the true balance of Love or the experience of self as source.

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Restoring your Human Templet to its Truth Frequency 

The Ascension process is the releasing of dense frequencies stored within the physical body. The body is vibrating in the false matrix 3D frequencies. Through many different beliefs, belief systems, and technologies, we are continually realigning to many of these false emotional frequencies. The Earth’s resonance frequencies are LOVE, TRUTH, BEAUTY, and GOODNESS. 

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Activation Courses

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