Experiencing all frequencies as their unique experience and knowing the communication between, as, and within all frequencies as calibrations of one another. The true living as this calibration in daily form. The morphing of these frequencies as your unique signature, flowing to produce your true presence upon and one with the earth.

As each of you recognizes the rhythm of your technology (frequency calibrating), you will recognize your connections to all things and how this connection is affecting all things.

Through your will and inner standing of the law of one, you will become the technology of your "I am presence" to create further the authentic creation of living Heaven on Earth.

This will be a 12-week interactive series designed to expand your consciousness and further align you with your pre-natal agreement.

The price is $1200.

 The structure of this mentoring program will consist of:

  • One-weekly 3-hour group session where we will break out into smaller groups to connect and experience different levels of energy and
  • Two 1-1 sessions to be used anytime during the 12 weeks.
  • Weekly email correspondence to help us stay connected, and I answer any questions that may come up for you.

Your unique soul signature as a calibrator to all things, as an individual experience, will create a ripple effect through the quantum field of existence. This will create more of itself or the calibrating of frequencies as and toward the authenticity of the law of one.

In other words, as you recognize all of the coming together of your geometry as frequency to be inner stood by you, you will recognize how to use it in synergy as a calibrator to all other frequencies and, through this, recognize how your unique signature is affecting all things.

As you recognize the law of one, you will be able to calibrate this" signature" of yourself with precision and to other frequencies to create a perfect cohesive field of existence or, perfect health, abundance, love, beauty, or all things of source and light. 

This is the next step for you as source in form.

Part One: The GOD Quotient

Knowing yourself as frequency inner standing the dominant frequencies of your unique human


Here we will dive into aspects of the human paradigm that are in direct affect with the calibration of your self as source consciousness.

  1. lineage-human-galactic-source
  2. likes and dislikes-knowing preference
  3. attractions-knowing what pulls toward or away from you
  4. sources that draw your attention no matter what

Recognizing the experience of the movement of the dominant frequencies.

  1. internal movement-experience – the physical body itself. What is the experience of each of
    the above.
  2. The external movement – how things operate in your existence as you move through
    these frequencies-what is coming or going in your environment. Location, things, etc.
  3. People – what experiences are happening with people-coming-going-emotions-expressions.
  4. What is occurring in your body as you are moving through all the above in general?


Always be aware of the body's experience, no matter what the experience.

The body holds the inner standing of frequencies and the key to the technology being created by the calibrating of
your soul signature (frequency) to any and all other frequencies.

Part Two

Practicing shifting your frequencies consciously as a calibrator.

  1. Human and animal life forms

Beginning to play with emotional responses as a frequency and calibrator.

Create emotions from the

  1. Mind – Think emotions as a projection.
  2. Body – Feel within the body emotions as a projection.
  3. Heart – Express emotions as a projection.

Experience all the effects on humans and animals to each of the above. Notice the reactions, feelings, and emotions of each calibration.

Use the same above toward nature, family, and groups, or government, etc. Notice and become aware of the frequencies in your body.

Part Three

Bringing all of the above together as frequency and experience.

Mind – Body  Heart – Using Breath

  1. Expanding awareness through the quantum field as pure experience by allowing for the zero point in full presence.
  2. Becoming the total observer of all your frequencies and experience. Notice the calibrating occurring as your own unique technology.
  3. Moving this now recognized technology out into your existence as all previous exercises and take note of the experiences.


Now you will have a baseline as to how your unique signature as frequency and technology is affecting all other things.

As the law of one, to allow for your soul signature to calibrate as itself will allow for the synergy of all other frequencies to occur as creation. 


This is where you begin to know your true divine purpose as source, as frequency to all other frequencies.


As you recognize the calibration of your unique signature from the zero point of recognition of the law of one, you will know the essence of yourself to all other things. In other words, you know what effect your soul signature has on creation. With this knowledge, you will have a great awareness of your souls purpose at this now-moment to serve the ascension of humanity.

The recognition of the calibration will amplify the experience to allow for the knowing of and creation of more of the same.

This is the purpose of knowing your individual soul signature as source and knowing and living the law of one.

The practical awareness of who we really are as source consciousness. The moving through all the density of the human experience truly as witnessing presence. What does this mean? How does this feel? How is this expressed?

It is felt as pure experience, awareness of the experience as the experience itself, no judgment, especially self-judgment.

Releasing the ego's identification of the truths that will continually show up.