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We as human souls have been existing on a planet where there have been many distortions within our carbon DNA structure that have caused us to misalign to frequencies and energies that are not allowing us to have the life we desire and the true, authentic experience of emotions.  

Through this mentoring program, we will re-establish within your physical structure the organic geometric structures that will create a greater ease of present moment experience and emotional ranges in a more positive sense. All this will allow you to finally be the true creator of your own reality. 

This course is designed with depth, energies, and frequencies to help bypass the mental mind that often is why you can't seem to create the life you desire and/or FEEL moments of true joy and bliss. This Earth experience is meant to be joyful, exciting, and adventurous. It is my goal to give you the best opportunity to experience this. 


I recently participated in a 15 week program with Cathleena that was absolutely wonderful. The shifts I have experienced from when I started the program through to the end of the 15 weeks was tangible. I have a much greater sense of being present, of clarity and peace, and of being in tune with myself.
She has really helped me tune into my authentic self more deeply and to feel a sense of connection to Life. It was such a fun journey and the group I experienced this journey with are now special friends. I highly recommend working with Cathleena, her ability to see the energy and to shift things is amazing.

The structure of this mentoring program will consist of:

  • A weekly 3-hour group session to discuss homework and receive a group activation. 
  • Two private one-on-one sessions that can be used anytime during the 15-week program.
  • Weekly email correspondence to help stay connected and answer any questions or concerns that may come up.
What a wonderful and incredible experience this class has been!
Cathleena teaches and guides with such love, joy, and passion. She easily tapped into my energy field and that of the group with such accuracy.
The sharing among the wonderful people in this small group and the activations were
awesome. ( I am going to miss you all)
In the 1-on-1 sessions, Cathleena guided me to see the programming and what I could choose to simply let go of, always with amazing activations. (Priceless experiences )
I am searching for words to describe what this class was for me. These 15 weeks took me beyond the beyond….sooo expansive...  experiencing the peace and joy of the Zero Point, the Now moment…. It feels like a return to my roots as pure source.
Cathleena, it was an honor to be part of this class.
You are amazing.
Working with you has truly been a blessing and I am looking forward to continue the work.
💕 Thank you Cathleena !
With love and blessings,


There is an authentic matrix or geometry for how life forms exist together.  This includes the human body, and within the human body there is an understanding of the individual geometry of all “species’ within the organic human form, the geometry of the individualized creation of life itself.  There will be a re-establishing of the true authentic organization or functioning of this organic system based from the authentic geometry of “creation”as well as the individualized life energy signature(soul) and having a knowing of all qualities and all frequencies or geometric possibilities to create matter (form) specifically to physical human form.  

Each individual on the planet has come here at this time for a specific purpose toward embodiment of your Divine Human Templet as well as planetary service to humanity. 

Through both one-on-one and group sessions and Activations, we will further embody universal consciousness principles and geometries to establish a unified field of truth within your human structure and your energy fields.  This will give you the greatest ability toward perfect health as well as a true neutrality point for pure experience to occur. 

We will Establish the structure of Universal Consciousness within the cellular body.  This is how to embody the Hieros/Gamos of self-realization through divine union of Self. 


Bringing into union those aspects of self-awareness
Compassion/companionship/self-worthiness/Self Care/Connection to self/Self aware 


Bringing home soul fragments lying dormant within the cellular structure of the planet that are aspects of self within the cellular structure of all sentient beings.  Allowing the structural elements and alignments of Universal Consciousness to restructure the geometry of all matter which includes what you think is your individual self.  There is no such thing as individual as you understand it, only an illusion of separate of those elements you refer to as opposite or feel are outside of self.

During this class with Cathleena, I have had profound yet subtle changes. I am more true to myself and this authenticity has brought with it a freedom, and creativity, and a pure quality of joy and spaciousness in my body. I have become more peaceful and have made changes in my life with an ease I did not expect. Life is an adventure of unknowns each day and I am able to stay neutral, at the zero point whatever shows up in a more natural way than getting myself stressed about things.
I am more aware when I get lost in the little me and am so grateful I met Cathleena. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to know themselves more authentically and to know you are a sovereign being with unlimited possibilities. Thank you Cathleena for your courage and authenticity.

Joanne Darrach

Activation Series


Part one

To Clear and Align elements of Confused Soul/Carbon Matrix


Week 1: Confused state of Being-ness 

The confused elemental carbon data within the structural body. 

The idea of being separate. Adjusting atomic elemental interference

(Cellular level Activation)


Week 2: Atomic Radiation interference of the Cellular Structure of all Sentient Beings

Radiation as over active activity within the carbon structure of matter.

The chaotic nature of what is occurring within the atoms and beyond.

(Restructuring the atomic structure of matter within the cells)


Week 3:  Activating the Quantum alignment of all matter with its universal counterpart or aligned geometry. 

All matter in the universe is comprised of elements of divine consciousness. 

Each cell within a human structure carries this geometry. 

It is within all sentient beings. To re-align these elements allows consciousness to regain universal principles with the physical structure.

Week 4: Re-Connecting Universal Concepts within the cellular DNA of all life forms as the law of One

As YOU, The concept as you believe yourself individual, align universally

to the Source of which you originated, a Cosmic alignment of “Matter” occurs.

(The Expression of Consciousness itself will occur)


Week 5: Bringing to Earth Consciousness Connection to all life forms as Above is Below

Expanding the sentient being beyond the confines of the current human experience while staying within the perimeters of the physical experience (body).

Light beings from the most high realms beyond conscious comprehension exist within all sentient life forms. This is who will be facilitating these activations. 




Part two

To Establish Aspects of Human Awareness 


Week 6: Establishing the Alchemical ability of Creating Matter

Knowing the innate principles of the geometric connection of your “personal” alignment to all there is and how it in turn “aligns” ignites a spark of divinity to expand consciousness into matter.


Week 7: The process of Expanding Consciousness into Matter 

Knowing the human connection to all aspects of elemental components or structures, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether


Week 8: Implementing elemental awareness back into a conscious awareness at Zero

Knowing the how’s of the time matrix to further re-struct the organic elements' relationship to matter.  This will establish the element of time with the authentic geometric possibilities of truth, establishing authentic alchemy.


Week 9: The Structure of time to all possibilities 

Knowing the creation principles involved in a universal time matrix in relation to physical form, the qualities of creative possibilities through this lens. 


Week 10: The Alchemical abilities of Gaia 

 Knowing the true understanding of your “personal’ relationship to this consciousness, how this relationship communicates, what is contributed by the chemical relationship you create with matter and or the elements. knowing that your personal arrangement to all matter aligns with a specific process of alchemy with Gaia. 

This specific process aligns to a specific alchemy with all matter or all material things.  

 Part Three 

The Human Experience as Planetary Alchemy

Week 11: The Establishing of Universal Connections with all Consciousness  

Re-establishing authentic communication to knowing who you really are (your soul signature)


Week 12: Understanding your Role in Creation

Knowing the aspects of or rhythm of your frequency as an alignment to all things

(who you are as Source)


Week 13: Coming into Union with the divine experience of Source 

Knowing your “personal” role as energy and frequency to the whole of creation. 

Experiencing the flow of existence itself.


Week 14: Evolving through the Consciousness Mind 

Knowing through what humans refer to as “Conscious”, the knowing of your part in the creation of all life.

Week 15: The Art of Being

Allowing the alchemy of existence to occur. Recognizing the uniqueness of your personal frequency and  “importance” to the whole of creation.

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Cathleena's ability to work with Source energy and its many different frequencies is  one of the most profound experiences I have had.
They have the power to deeply transform unconscious conditioned patterns.  This allows you to experience true freedom as your authentic Self. 

Judith Merrill

Cathleena Hailley is an embodiment of the divine feminine who works with the council of 9 collective and in particular with Jesus, Metatron, and other ascended masters. Her coding accesses the womb water of an individual’s birth so that they are brought back to their original soul expression, creating a rebirth to allow full expression of the soul’s imprint.

Cathleena uses all of her business knowledge and experience with sacred geometry to align with her resetting the crystalline DNA.

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