Earth Connection

This website and its activations guide you to access your multi-dimensional self and higher conscious awareness by deeply rooting and grounding your soul essence in the heart space. Through a structured progression, you'll develop a deep connection to Mother Earth and Sophia Gaia and gain a heightened awareness of your own frequency, allowing you to navigate the human journey with clarity, authenticity, and a sense of limitless possibilities.

The information and activations on this website are here to help you access your multi-dimensional self and higher conscious awareness.

To access our multi-dimensional self and higher conscious awareness, we must have our consciousness (soul essence) in the heart space or at zero point.

To stay in the heart space in a human form, we need a deeply-rooted connection to Mother Earth or Gaia.

The way these classes are organized on this website creates a progression for this process of deeply routing and connecting to Sophia Gaia, Mother Earth.

As we deeply root into Sophia Gaia, we will begin to have a greater awareness of our frequency as the physical body and which dimensional field we are vibrating with and as.

 The human journey is one of clearing denser frequencies, recognizing the differences between the dimensional fields of existence, and creating and experiencing from our heart space, the zero-point place of nothing and all possibilities.

This website and the activations are created to help people return to zero point with grace and ease.

Moving through the Time Matrix at Zero Point

The key to unlocking your soul's fragmentation and retrieval

Taking you on a journey through your current and past lives, this course allows you to observe your experiences at each chronological age. As a witnessing observer, you'll bring these energies into the zero point or heart space, initiating the healing process.

This is the first course in releasing what is keeping you from deeply routing and connecting into Sophia Gaia.

The time matrix sets the stage for your soul fragmentation retrieval. Through this series, you will  be taken on a journey to observe your current and past lives' expression of yourself from the perspective of each chronological age of existence. 

Through this exercise, you will be able to become the witnessing observer of these life experiences. As the witnessing observer in energy or through the heart space at zero point, you will, in essence, bring these energies into that zero point or neutral space. This is the first step of the process to connecting to Sophia Gaia at Zero point.

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Restore the Human Template to its Truth Frequency

The next step, here you will shift the frequencies of various aspects of yourself to neutrality to restore your Human Template to its Truth Frequency. This transformation enables you to feel the authenticity of your unique self from the heart space, aligning with your true essence.

The next step would be restoring the Human Template to its Truth Frequency.  

The truth frequency is the zero point or neutrality or heart space. 

Bringing major aspects of self forward to shift the current frequencies of these aspects to that of neutral so that you may authentically feel the truth of them from your own unique self or heart space is what this series is about.

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Hieros/Gamos Series

 Calm the frequencies playing out in your current life, allowing you to authentically express these aspects from the heart space, leading to a more harmonious existence by balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself with the Hieros/Gamos series.

The next step would be to move through the series of the Hieros/Gamos.

This will create a balance with the masculine/ feminine aspects of self, further bringing these current life's expression into zero point or neutrality. A calming down of the frequencies playing out within your current life. Each activation in the Hieros/ Gamos represents energies in your current life experience that are part of the human experience itself. 

Through these activations, there will be a bringing into neutrality the experiences so that you may be able to have authentic expressions of these aspects of self through the zero point or heart space.

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Brain and Body Collection

Restoring the Original Soul Fragmentation

Restore your original soul fragmentation and release the imprints that have been holding you back through the Brain and Body Series so you can experience a deep connection with Earth, resulting in a sense of safety, freedom, and joy in your current life.

The last step for deeply routing and connecting through the heart space with mother Earth or Sophia Gaia would be to move through the Brain and Body Series. 

Each part of this series restores the original soul fragmentation which has been playing out to allow all the previous experiences to exist and release the imprints so that they may truly be free of the patterns in your life keeping all of this in your current life's experience.

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