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Resetting your Crystalline DNA

Uncovering your life’s inner and outer story Pre Recorded

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Service Description

. The Activations will highlight the set points in certain beliefs that are keeping you from perfect health, success, and overall wellbeing. After the Activation there will be a definite and permanent change to your physical structure, allowing you to begin to fully step into the person you have always meant to be. Cathleena will guide you through the process and explain what is happening along the way. After the end of the 5th session, 2 weeks following there will be a session available for questions and answers from the experiences that occurred after the sessions. Week 1 Activation for understanding your connection to the physical earth This session will focus on how you move in your daily life on the earth. What kind of career you have chosen, what type of relationship you are in, how you feel on a daily basis about your physical life. This will be an introduction to looking at the life you live currently. Week 2 Activation for understanding your emotional connection to the physical earth This session will focus on your feelings in your daily life. How you feel about all that is in your current life, relationships, career, family and money. This will be an introduction to the feelings you are allowing yourself to experience and why. We will also bring in new emotional frequencies to experience. Week 3 Activation for understanding the intellectual connection to the physical earth This session will focus on how you intellectualize your physical experience and emotions. This will be an introduction to knowing what you are aligning to the most. The belief systems that are the leaders in your current life experience. Week 4 Activation for stepping into the frequency of your unique signature This session will focus on understanding how you are choosing to move through the world, becoming aware of the YOU who is moving. This will be an introduction to experiencing your unique signature aspect of source that you really are. This session will be the most profound of all so far and may be the most emotional. This will be opening doors to the past and creating very profound releases. Week 5 Activation to give Voice to your life This session will focus on who you really are and how you are expressing that AMAZING you in the physical world. This will be an introduction to you really giving your unique VOICE to your life and the creation of it. This session is also a beginning to connection with your multidimensional self.

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