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Activation Sphere of All Possibilities 6

Third Eye Chakra Pre Recorded

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Service Description

These activations are designed to connect with your future self and clear any discordance in the way of creating the future of your purest desires. They do not need to be done in order, however if that is done there will be a greater overall connection and creation for your future outcome. After listening to these and envisioning your future self, it is important to do some kind of physical action toward the vision of that future self. This does not need to be a major action but there does need to be some kind of physical action to bring this into your reality. In preparation for the activations, sit quietly and begin to imagine your future self, try to feel this self as full as possible. When you connect if you add gratitude, this will help create your vision more fully and at a faster rateBy using this Third Eye Chakra for the Sphere of all Possibili+es we expand our multidimensional development of our future self and our True connection to our energetic signatures physical path.

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