Uncovering your life’s inner and outer story


Cathleena will take you through an Activation of your Crystalline DNA with a focus on an area of the chakra system that will relate to physical body. The purpose of these Activations will be to discover what is holding you to the old grid in your physical body.


 By doing the Activations, the patterns will show up and Cathleena will help you understand these patterns and explain their impact on your physical body and physical life. 


These 5 sessions with focus on the 1st - 5th chakras. The first session will focus on the root, 2nd the sacral, 3rd solar plexus, 4th heart and the 5th throat. 


The Activations will highlight the set points in certain beliefs that are keeping you from perfect health, success, and overall wellbeing. 

Resetting Your Crystalline DNA

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