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Moving through the Time Matrix at Zero Point (Pure Presence)

Moving through the Time Matrix at Zero Point (Pure Presence) is a 5-week, live course journeying through time as a construct, through the mind matrix of the mind itself. The unwinding of frequencies of direct control, the guiding of your thoughts toward nothingness, fear and

This series will move through time, your memories, as the observer of self, through the mind, and disentangle the alignment you have unconsciously done. 

We will be removing the pathways created by feeling lost, separated, and confused. It will be like traveling back through time, through your memories, not as you remember yourself but as the observer of what took place to entangle your consciousness in the web of lower-dimensional frequencies. 

As we travel, we will be adding your light into these "memories," which will shift the frequency, changing the energy of the experience. It will be like changing your past. 

By doing this, you will allow yourself to authentically feel the experiences of your past. What you have not realized is through the frequencies of judgment, pain, fear, you have not really felt or experienced. Instead, you pulled away your own light from these experiences. This is how these frequencies exist at all. 

Those who have felt they know what is going on, and are doing everything they can to feel free, light, and wonderful, yet find this difficult to do, these activations are for you. These are magic, yet not a magic cure for anything as nothing is broken. Until we accept nothing is broken, we will continue spinning around the wheel of judgment. 

We will be guided through an activation that will take us through and into the portal of the Zero point, the nothing, and all possibilities to reconnect your essence as light and sound to your "memories" of this time. By entering the mind matrix as time, we will bring your light and sound to give truth to these experiences as your Source-self. It will allow you to become the observer of these experiences and thus give you a pure experience. Each week, I will step into the energy prior to the class and channel what is in the highest and best for all who attend and bring that information with the activation. 

Even if you are not at these ages yet in this lifetime, there will be information shared that will allow you to clear and create from the divine Zero Point as time is merely a construct.