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Restoring the beginning Soul Fragmentation Imprint


Because of the indoctrination of false frequencies, we have experienced Soul fragmentation or quantum entanglement, which has caused humanity to become a story instead of the amazing Source sovereign creator that we are. Through false light and sound signatures, there has been an imprint of certain false frequencies of which consciousness has aligned itself to through this quantum entanglement.

The brain chemistry is malleable. That is, its composition to matter is easily changed. An understanding of how matter is influenced by brain waves or frequencies will allow for the creation of brain waves of your choosing to exist.

We will step into the brain as frequency, as sound and light, to bring the brain itself into a synergy with all body systems, as divine union of self with self, divine Hieros/Gamos with divine creator or source as consciousness.

This is the main frequency to engage with the brain as a pathway of grace and ease for the brain to understand and interact with consciousness as source consciousness.

To bring the brain in synergy with the body systems and all matter is to begin the zero balance point or opening, like a portal, of divine information (consciousness) easy access.

We will be stepping into the brain and body systems with a zero point of brain function as an understanding of self to your body, your relationship to the body, to call back home the original fragmentation or Soul fragmentation imprint of specific emotional responses. This will free up the story they carry that has been the unconscious Director of your life experiences.


This collection will be a total of 9 courses.  

Each course is offered in a specific order to facilitate a greater connection with who you really are.  It is suggested to listen to them in the order they are presented here but not required.