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Embodying the Hieros/Gamos: Series 1

Clearing the Human Influence 

5 Week Activation Series to become the Conscious Creator you are always meant to be.

  1. Cardiovascular system
  2. Digestive system
  3. Endocrine system
  4. Integumentary system
  5. Integration of all 4 body systems, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Endocrine, Integumentary

The Ascension process is the releasing of dense frequencies stored within the physical body. The body is vibrating in the false matrix 3-D frequencies through many different beliefs, beliefs systems and technology. We are continually realigning too many of these false emotional frequencies. 

The earths resonance frequencies are love, truth, beauty and goodness. These are the core emotional frequencies we are meant to experience, yet we are only experiencing a small range of emotional experiences rooted in the base frequency of fear. 

Fear is not an authentic frequency, in that it has no true rhythm. It is a chaotic frequency and when it is your base, all other frequencies lie in the range of fear. 

This means that authentic frequencies are never able to be experienced. Authentic frequencies of love and joy for example, are not able to be felt, but instead a false range of these are experienced from the moving away from fear, instead of the authentic place of present moment awareness without judgment.   In this presence, true feelings of love and joy can be experience.

Because there has been an energy here for 250,000 years, driving humanity to create these false frequencies, as we journey through the body, each week we will be releasing any of these false frequencies to embody the most authentic version of your souls essence.  As the ascension process is the body releasing all false and dense frequencies of 3rd density and embodying your authentic I AM presence, allowing the body to engage with the soul’s essence while experiencing authentic frequencies, is the TRUE PURPOSE of the physical experience.  Living heaven on earth.

This first 5 week series will begin to engage authentic frequencies within the physical body at the level of the body systems with a focus on the human influence.