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Frequency Adjusters
Earth and Human Templet Zero Point

Earth Templet 8.6.21 - I Am Sovereignty + logo.png
Earth Templet 8.6.21 - I Am Love + logo.png
Earth Templet 8.6.21 - I Am Abundance + logo.png
Earth Templet 8.6.21 - I Am Divinity + logo.png
Earth Templet 8.6.21 - I Am Truth + logo.png

The  Frequency Adjuster is a  technology channeled by the Arcturians that creates the Zero point for the Human Templet



 The Pocket Guide to Presence

This book came to me when I realized how difficult it is to actually be and stay in the here and now. The Pocket Guide to Presence is filled with simple techniques to help you get and stay present.

Price: $3.99

  • Published: July 2014     

  • Format: E-Book

  • Pages: 108

  • ISBN: 9781452517056


Purchase Book from Balboa Press

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Each artwork page has specific backgrounds and symbols embedded with the energies from sacred geometry, ancient symbols, colors, and numbers designed to help you focus and relax into that elusive present.

The artwork was created by Patty Nowell.

Reading this, sitting it next to you, bringing it with you—all of that will in some way help you to feel present. Enjoy this book, from my heart to yours, and may you finally be truly present to this wonderful experience of life!

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